Vintage Guitar recently shared an article that re-examines Gibson’s little-known “Crest” model guitars. Originally published in 2016, the article notes that there were two Crest models – both designed in the ‘60s – but that the instruments could not have been more different in features and character.

Gibson Crest

“The first incarnation was a single-cutaway with design ties to the L-5CT,” states the article, “while the second looked more like a fancy ES-335 with a shortened neck. In almost every way – size, construction materials, appointments, and finish – these two guitars are 180 degrees apart.”

The article goes on to note that the first “Crest” – produced at the turn of the ‘60s – was the brainchild of Andy Nelson, a guitarist and salesman/clinician who toured the U.S. for Gibson from 1955 to 1965. You can read more about these hard-to-find Gibsons, and view photos, at the Vintage Guitar website.