• This week Joe Perry spilled the beans that Aerosmith will hit the studio to record their 15th studio album on November 1. Which studio and what producer is still to be determined, but Perry said they've been working on material since 2006 and that he’s excited that Def Jam founder Rick Rubin is now at the helm of Sony, Aerosmith’s longtime label.

Heart frontwoman Ann Wilson will release her first solo album Hope & Glory next week. Kid sister Nancy, among other notables, lends a hand. “It took about a year to do,” Ann has said of the album. “I was able to get some great artists to play on the record. Elton [John] was the best. I asked him to do it and he immediately was on board.”

Chris Beattie, bassist for hardcore underground group Hatebreed, is collaborating with Hot Topic on a clothing line called Bridgeport Republic. Beattie has said that the line is “dedicated to reflecting individuality with a universal line of quality apparel which honors and represents an independent yet unified lifestyle rooted in the streets.”

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way reportedly wed his longtime girlfriend backstage at the Projekt Revolution concert on Monday in Denver, Colorado. --Ellen Mallernee