The Todd La Torre-fronted version of Queensryche have not yet released their first album with the new line-up but they're already talking about where they'd like the follow-up to go.

With the band's self-titled album due on June 25, La Torre says he'd like to see the next album get heavier than its predecessor, and to explore longer song structures. Speaking to London Rocks, La Torre said, "I wouldn't mind the next record kind of letting the music breathe a little bit more in the sense of… Today, people really want you to be into the meat of the song in a relatively short period of time. I think if we can write a long song in a very creative way, then that would be something that I'm looking forward to. A song like 'Roads To Madness' — that's a ten-minute song," adding "So we're just gonna try to outdo his record on the next one and see what we could come up with."

As for the impending court decision on the future of the Queensryche name, La Torre is confident he knows where it will go. "I feel very confident, everyone on our side feels very confident that Michael [Wilton] and Scott [Rockenfield] and Eddie [Jackson] will be awarded the name. And obviously, it'll boil down to whatever kind of corporate contracts are established and put in place and that kind of a thing. I'm sure there will have to be some type of financial compensation for whichever side gets it. But these guys were the majority, they were the songwriters."