Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has penned the score for the new flick In the Fade. In a new interview with Variety, director Fatih Akin talks about his experience with Homme and how the collaboration came about.

"When I was writing (In the Fade), I was listening to a lot of music by Queens of the Stone Age," Akin explained. "I had the feeling that this could be the music that the character was listening to. It has a self-destructive attitude and somehow the film is about self-destruction."

In the Fade follows a story about a woman looking to get revenge against a neo-Nazi group after they killed her husband and son.

"I sent (Homme) a very early version of the film," Akin said. "He immediately called back saying he loved it and was blown away and that he would like to put his hands on it. We phoned maybe four or five times, sent 10 emails back and forth and then I had the music. It was a very uncomplicated, fast and very clean process of working."

In other news, Homme and the Queens of the Stone Age guys have been working on a new studio album, which will follow up their 2013 album, ...Like Clockwork.

Queens of the Stone Age