The best player to ever grace the soccer World Cup, Pele, is also a keen guitarist.

When Brazil kick off in the first game of this year’s World Cup, the One Direction boys will probably be wearing the yellow and gold shirts of Brazil to show their support.

It’s a mutual respect thing. Last month the world’s greatest and most famous soccer player told the Sao Paolo One Direction audience that he was a fan of the band. Pele appeared on a giant video screen saying: "I admire and love you. I play the guitar and one day, we'll play together. I don't want to play football (soccer), we'll play guitar, okay? Welcome to Brazil again and good luck."

According to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, collaboration is on the cards: “Pele does a lot of work for charity and is keen to make this happen for a good cause. He is an enthusiastic amateur musician and genuinely excited about the prospect of playing guitar with Niall (Horan). At the moment a list of potential dates and venues are being discussed but it is looking likely that this will happen...”