Pearl Jam

Seattle-based producer Rick Parashar, who manned the boards for such classic grunge-era records as Pearl Jam’s Ten and Alice In Chains’ Sap, has died at the age of 50.

Northwest Music Scene reports that Parashar died of natural causes; a blood clot moved from his leg into his heart.

Parashar and brother Raj founded their own studio in Seattle in the 80s. “I had my own studio in one shape or form since I was 14,” he told Northwest Music Scene back in June. “I had been recording my own music and other people’s music in my basement, and we opened London Bridge [Studio] in 1985.”

In addition to Ten and Sap, Parashar produced the recording that kickstarted the rise of grunge in the public consciousness, the 1991 self-titled Temple of the Dog album. He also produced albums for Blind Melon, Zakk Wylde’s Pride & Glory, Nickelback (2001’s breakthrough Silver Side Up), 3 Doors Down, Melissa Etheridge and Juke Kartel.