The Jam The Gift

The Jam will reissue their 1982 album The Gift to mark its 30th anniversary.

The Gift was the U.K. trio's only Number One and the last before the band’s split. It features classic tracks including “Town Called Malice,” “Running on the Spot” and “Carnation.”

Paul Weller tells the NME: "I don't remember any feeling at first of it being the last record, when we first went into it anyway. It was done in two halves, we started it in ’81 before Christmas and we finished it off after Christmas. But I think it was alright, there were a lot of tunes written upfront and there was a pretty positive atmosphere amongst everyone."

Of The Gift’s soul influences Weller says: “The influence of soul music pointed in the direction of where I was going to go after that, but it was very much our sound, we were trying to expand it and do something else with The Jam sound."

The Gift box super-deluxe edition will feature a re-master of the original album with bonus tracks that include the band's last singles “Great Depression,” “The Bitterest Pill,” and “Beat Surrender.” It will also include a previously unreleased Live At Wembley recording of The Jam's last ever tour and a compilation DVD of live footage and TV appearances.