Passion Pit suffered quite a set back over the weekend, when most of their gear was destroyed in a storm.

Prior to the band’s gig as headliners at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago on Friday (August 30), a severe storm ruined most of the band’s equipment. The band said in a statement: “Last night in Chicago, our gear was completely annihilated by weather. 70mph winds blew tarps and covers off of our equipment, allowing enormous amounts of rain to destroy a large portion of what we now know, as of today, to be approximately 75% of our gear. As a touring band that is proud to actually perform electro-pop as opposed to just pressing play, using many keyboards, both analog and digital, this is a nightmare we’ve had for quite some time. It’s almost incredible that it hasn’t happened already. Well, it happened, and now we’re doing our best to recover.”

Most bands would probably end up canceling the gig after something like that happened, but Passion Pit found a way to work around the problem by playing a DJ set instead.

Passion Pit did the same type of DJ sets at subsequent gigs in Edmonton and Calgary over the weekend as well, but expect to be back performing as a live band again in time for their appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman on September 4.