Jimmy Page and his broken pinkieThe broken little finger that forced Jimmy Page to postpone Led Zeppelin’s much anticipated reunion—and the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute concert hosting it—until December 10, is healing well.

“I’ve broken fingers before, a lot worse than this,” Zep’s axe god assured reporters covering Page’s first public appearance since the accident, receiving a “Living Legend” award at London’s Classic Rock Awards, an event where Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler presented the guitarist with a vintage Les Paul that had been inscribed by Les Paul himself.  Jimmy also revealed details of his accident for the first time, telling the BBC that he’d fractured the little finger of his left—and fretboard—hand after a fall in his garden that he chalked up to the time of year.

“It was as simple as a change in light. In wintertime I was somewhere I was pretty familiar with in the summer, walking in an area where there are a lot of stones and slabs, and I just happened to trip over something. I didn’t just come down on my hand, I came down on other parts of my body as well, but it was the hand that had a bit of an injury to it. It’s got a fracture in the little finger of the left hand, which is a nuisance ‘cause it’s really needed!”

Page also told reporters that Zep’s upcoming reunion show would feature “a lot of songs that people would want to hear. We just got together and started playing and it took on its own shape.” Asked if the band had worked up any new material, Jimmy responded with a chuckle, “We haven’t had time to do anything like that. We’d probably have had two albums done if I hadn’t injured my finger!”—Jerry McCulley