AC DCOriginal AC/DC vocalist Dave Evans says the band’s first ever gig was a ramshackle affair characterized by a shortage of songs and a whole lotta improvising.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald , Evans said guitarist Malcolm Young told the singer that the band was about seven songs short for the night, so "make up some names and we’ll put them through the set. "Then Malcolm instructed Evans and the rest of the band to make up those songs, " So we made up songs on the spot and played them that night."

That wasn’t the only aspect of the band that was a little under-prepared that evening: they didn’t even have a name yet. It was Sandra Young, the wife of Angus and Malcom’s brother George, who named the band not long after.

That first gig was New Year’s Eve, 1973 at Chequers Nightclub in Sydney, Australia, and the band played two sets: one at 11:30pm and another in the early hours of New Year’s Day. Evans would only remain with the band through to October 1974, after growing tension between the singer and the band’s then-manager.