Open Air Stereo by Jonathan Weiner

Pop-rockers Open Air Stereo have a new album out, Primates, and on it, you’ll find melodic rock that’s a bit edgy and free, with lots of guitar bite. When recording the album, guitarist Scott Pounds took to his prized Les Paul Gold Top. In fact, it’s his No. 1 guitar.

Pounds says his first experience with the Les Paul was akin to falling in love.

“The tone that came out of that guitar when I first picked it up was unparalleled to anything I had ever used before,” he told “The Gold Top was the first time that I had used P90s. After hearing those pickups through my rig, I fell in love.”

When it comes to making music for living, Pounds has some simple but important advice. “Always follow your dreams,” he said. “I woke up this morning thinking about this exact thing. Through all of the years of struggle and hard work, I am sitting in a restaurant next to Irving Plaza in NYC getting ready to play a show: a dream come true with amazing bands, family and friends.”

Check back for’s full interview with Pounds next week.

Photo credit: Jonathan Weiner.