It’s safe to say the older Gallagher, whose latest album Who Built The Moon? released over the weekend, won’t be inviting Radiohead to tour with him. Who would he have instead though?

Speaking to Radio X, Gallagher revealed that he’s very recently – thanks to his kids – become a fan of viral grime entertainer Big Shaq. The rapping alter ego of comedian Michael Dapaah, Big Shaq became massive online with the release of the song ‘Man’s Not Hot’, an urban ditty about the fact that he never wants to take off his jacket.

Noel Gallagher

Talking about how he discovered Big Shaq, Gallagher said, “I came back from New York the other day and I was in the kitchen with my two lads…I told one of them to take his hoodie off while he’s having his lunch. He said – and I’d never heard it before – he said, ‘Man’s not hot’.” Naturally, Gallagher didn’t have the foggiest what his young (and obviously more connected) son was on about. “I was like, what? And he went, ‘Mans not hot.’ And I went, ‘Who’s not hot?’. And he went ‘Man’.”

Now, however, the Brit-pop pioneer is a huge Big Shaq fan, calling him, “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.” When asked if he’d consider touring with him, Gallagher said, “Oh, I’d love to. If you’re listening Michael, get in touch we’ll do some gigs, it’ll be amazing!”

There’s no telling what might end up on the next Noel Gallagher record, then.