In a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, Slash talks about recording his latest album with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, World on Fire. It is no secret Slash is a big Les Paul fan, but on this new album the guitarist went with all things Gibson - vintage Les Paul's, Melody Maker's, and even an ES-135.

Slash talked about using a couple of vintage Les Pauls during the sessions: "I did really for the first time ever. I've had a couple of '59s and a '58 since the early '90s. The only time I ever used a '59 in the studio was Joe Perry's '59 and I never ended up actually recording with it [...] This time around I did the same thing with some of the other '59s. I don't have Joe's anymore and it was the same kind of thing."

"Then I took three Melody Maker Juniors: a new one, a reissue and an old one [...] when I was doing guitar speaker left, I realized I really had to get away from the Les Paul sound. No Les Pauls were working; it was just too much Les Paul. I used the Melody Maker for slide and I ended up using the new one and not the old one. The new one sounded better than the old one, which was funny to me."

When it was time to record the rhythm parts, Slash relied on an ES-135 and an ES-175: "Mike [Baskette, producer] had an ES-135, a new one he had sitting around the studio [...] We did different combinations and the 135 sounded amazing. It was full enough that it balanced out the weight on either side but didn't sound like a Les Paul or a Strat. It just had its own sort of tone and that worked great. I used that for a bit and then Gibson gave me an ES-175 and I used those two guitars basically for all the rhythm guitar stuff on the left speaker."

World on Fire is released on September 15. Slash and his bandmates celebrate the new album with a trio of club gigs the following week in Los Angeles.