Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has posted a new track, “New,” on YouTube and issued details of a brand new album – also called New.

The “New” single is produced by Mark Ronson. Other collaborators include Adele producer Paul Epworth and Ethan Johns, who has previously worked with Kings Of Leon.

The New album is released on October 14 (15th in the U.S.), and its iTunes pre-order page confirms that the album contains 14 tracks. Speaking about one of the songs they had recorded earlier this year, a ballad titled “Hosannah,” Ethan Johns told Rolling Stone magazine, “The first day we had was remarkable. He walked in with this incredible song, we threw up a couple of microphones and within four hours we had this great track. I think we did an edit between the first two takes.”

“It had an incredible feel – a really evocative piece of music. A very interesting lyric, and the performance was great. Then we started to experiment with it, and I put a bunch of psychedelic strangeness on it.”

“The record is very varied. I worked with four producers and each of them brought something different,” say McCartney.

Listen to Paul McCartney’s “New” below – it’s very Beatle-esque… for which, he is allowed!