Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith's acclaimed 2013 United States tour will soon be available as a live recording, Movies Of The Mind - The Michael Nesmith Limited Edition Live Album.

Nesmith’s recent U.S. tour saw the veteran singer songwriter update the “cosmic cowboy” vibe of his classic 1974 Roundhouse gig with a series of vignettes that capture the feel and meaning of the songs, if not the story behind them, as he has done in the past.

Nesmith posted on his Facebook page: “Live albums are hard to do -- so many things have to fit together -- and its not like taking a recording of one show and having that be the representative of all the live shows. It is almost impossible to catch all the subtleties and nuances in one show. We did 22 shows on this tour and I think there is a little magic in all of them.”

Check out Nesmith’s Videoranch.com site for more information.