David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth. The voice of Van Halen, the master of ceremonies who presided over such classics as "Unchained," "Running With The Devil" and "Panama" as well as new stompers like "China Town." Yep, Dave's place in music history would be assured if he only ever recorded with Van Halen.

But we all know Dave's musical output didn't stop there. His solo work introduced the world at large to such previously underground guitar heroes as Steve Vai and Jason Becker, and led to several more classics in the rock pantheon. Now a new Greatest Hits album brings a cherry-picked selection of Dave's solo hits together.

The CD, titled Greatest Hits/The Deluxe Edition, includes Dave's entire Crazy From The Heat EP as well as tracks from his albums Eat 'Em And Smile, Skyscraper, A Little Ain't Enough and Your Filthy Little Mouth. It's packaged with a DVD which includes nine of Dave's classic MTV-era videos, including the entire Dave TV Warner Home Video release, which is appearing on DVD for the very first time. There's also new artwork and photos, and of course printed lyrics to all songs, which is great if you'd like to sing along at home or to remind Dave of the correct lyrics next time he shouts out "I forgot the [bleep] words, man!"