Motörhead have released the tracklist for their upcoming album, Aftershock. In a message on the band's website, guitarist Phil Campbell writes: "Better prepare yourselves big time, because our mind-blowing new record Aftershock will be coming out. Lemmy is on the mend and we are gonna be touring our asses off. Business as usual real soon!" Campbell is referring to main man Lemmy Kilmister recently being hospitalized with a haematoma, forcing the band to cancel a bunch of shows. Motörhead are getting ready to take the stage again on August 2, as the headliner of the Wacken Festival in Germany.

Aftershock , which will be Motörhead's 21st studio album, is set for release sometime during the fall, with no date specified as of yet. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. “Death Machine”

02. “Heartbreaker”

03. “Coming Back to You”

04. “Going to Mexico”

05. “Courage”

06. “Queen of the Damned”

07. “Lost Woman Blues”

08. “Crying Shame”

09. “Paralyzed”

10. “Dust and Glass”

11. “Coup De Grace”

12. “Silence When You Speak to Me”

13. “Knife”