In their video series ‘Me And My Guitar’, Total Guitar recently featured Monster Truck guitarist Jeremy Wilderman talking about his love for Gibson SG's, especially his 1962 TV Yellow Gibson Custom SG Reissue.

In the video, Wilderman talks about what attracts him to the distinct ‘TV Yellow’ color. “I imagined not a lot of people wanted a yellow guitar, which is something I kind of gravitated to very early on in my career…I was picking up these TV Yellow SG’s all over Canada, and eventually I found the mother of all TV Yellow SGs in Munich [Germany]”.

His favorite feature of his Custom Gibson SG? “The thing that’s special about this guitar is…the tuning stability…. This guitar stays in tune forever. I don’t know how or why, is it just the quality of the build from the custom shop or the wood. On the chords where you can really notice things being out of tune, like an open D chord, it just stays right where you want it to the whole time.”

 In the video, Wilderman also talks about his preference for the lighter weight and balance of the Gibson SG as well as the some of his preferred mods on his other Gibson SGs.

Jeremy Wilderman