Metallica’s new 3D film is set to become the first movie to debut on IMAX’s chain of giant-sized screens. As reported by, Metallica Through the Never will be shown on every IMAX screen in North America for one week, starting September 27. The film, which mixes concert footage with dramatic narrative, will see full release a week later, on October 4. “To be at the forefront in this situation where IMAX has never done this is very exciting," Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said. "It's also a bit of a confidence booster. Being in the movie-making business is not necessarily our forte and it's been a very interesting three years. We've learned a lot about a lot of different things. The recognition from IMAX and to be able to have our fans and people that are interested in this film to see it and experience it in the IMAX format is super cool."