Black Sabbath

He's one of the most important metal vocalists of all time, but Ozzy Osbourne says he identifies more with the heavy blues-rock of the 70s than the term 'heavy metal.'

Speaking to CNN, Osbourne Ozzy said, "I have never ever ever been able to attach myself to the word 'heavy metal' — it has no musical connotations. If it was heavy rock, I could get that, but the '70s was kind of like a bluesy thing, the '80s was kind of bubblegum-frosted hair, multicolored clothes and the '90s was kind of grungy."

Ozzy went on to say that he would often hear from bands that Black Sabbath was a huge influence on them, and "I could go, 'Oh, yeah, I can see that,' but other bands... what part of that is inspired by us? Some of it is just angry people screaming down a microphone!"

As for the legacy Black Sabbath will leave behind, Ozzy puts it all down to good-old-fashioned determination and honesty. "Black Sabbath wasn't some band created by a London mogul," he said. "We were four guys who had a dream that became bigger than expectations. It's been the best thing that ever happened to me."