Bill Kelliher Signature Explorer

Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher recently praised the attributes of Gibson’s newly launched Kelliher Signature “Golden Axe” Explorer in a new YouTube video. “I’ve always been a fan of Explorers,” he says. “This [one] is like the ‘blingy’ axe …. Just the way it looks to me, first off, makes me excited. And it sounds great. The pickups in it are amazing — the Nitro Hemi’s. They’re really hot pickups, real precise.”

So, how did Kelliher come up with name “Golden Axe”?

“’Golden Axe’ is an old video game by Sega that I used to play at the arcades,” he explains. “Going to the Gibson factory, going there in person, on tour ... was [great]. Being a Gibson guitar player since I was 15 years old … to go in and actually have people making my Signature model was pretty darn cool. It’s up there in the Top 10 [events] in the history of my life.”

Watch the full interview below.