AC/DC are pretty much unrecognizable without guitarist Malcolm Young and his brother Angus, but after more than 40 years playing in the legendary rock band, Malcolm has taken some time off due to health problems. When it comes to whether Malcolm will return to AC/DC, Jesse Fink, author of the new biography “The Youngs: The Brothers Who Build AC/DC,” says he’s “not expecting to see Malcolm return.”

Speaking with Boston radio station WZLX, Fink gave some insight into Young’s condition and future. “I’m not expecting to see Malcolm return,” Fink said. “I think the important thing is we all let Mal be and hope he can recover. But I think we should all expect that Stevie Young (Malcolm’s nephew) is in the band now.”

On top of that news, Fink told Ultimate Classic Rock, “As far as I’m concerned, his illness is a private matter. However, fans seem to think his illness is just going to quickly go away and he’s going to be there on stage when they announce their tour. If what I have heard from numerous sources is true, then I expect Stevie Young will be touring with the band and not Malcolm. That’s not a seditious viewpoint. It’s realistic.”

AC/DC are slated to release a new studio album in 2014.