Steve Harris

Iron Maiden bassist and songwriter Steve Harris has announced that he's hitting the road with his solo project British Lion. The club tour will include four UK shows as well as several dates all over Europe. The tour will be a change of pace for Harris, who is used to playing huge stadiums with Maiden. Says Harris on his website: “I love live shows and I’m very excited about touring with British Lion. It’s fantastic to get out there and once again experience the sheer vibrancy of small clubs with the fans right up front and in your face. I think the fans will enjoy that too.”

Harris goes on to praise the members of his “new” band: “I’ve known all the guys in the band for ages and, besides being great musicians, they are also good friends, which is lucky because this has been an ongoing project for many years! They’ve had to be very patient with me as, of course, I’m so involved with Maiden I don’t really get a lot of free time to work on other stuff. So it’s great to finally have the opportunity to get out and do all these shows.”

If you're an Iron Maiden fan, don't miss this opportunity to see one of its members up close and personal.