It’s been an interesting few years for Lukas Nelson, frontman and guitarist of Promise of the Real (and son of country legend Willie Nelson). The band has worked extensively with rock legend Neil Young over the years, backing him on The Monsanto Years, Earth and The Visitor albums. POTR also released their third album this year, which went to #2 on the country music charts and Lukas Nelson featured on this year’s Willie Nelson and the Boys (Willies Stash Vol.2), with his father and brother Micah Nelson.

Lukas Nelson

As you can imagine, any interview with Lukas Nelson tends to cover a dizzying number of topics. In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Nelson reveals that his current workhorse of choice is a 1956 Les Paul Junior, saying, “I’ve got to tell ya, I’ve fallen in love with this Les Paul Junior to the point where it’s really hard for me to play anything else.” He also talks about Willie Nelson’s guitar collection, recollecting a “great Gibson 335 that Merle Haggard gave to dad. It’s beautiful – it’s got his name inlayed into the fretboard. It’s just a beautiful guitar – it’s like a Ruby Red.”

Speaking about lessons he might have picked up while working with the legendary Neil Young, Nelson says, “really his most important message that I’ve gotten from Neil is actually the name of the band [Promise of The Real]. Being real and not bowing down to any kind of trends that might come.” He also reveals that would have loved to have collaborated with the late great Tom Petty, saying, “I felt like he and I were real similar artists in terms of where our influences are. He’s the kind of frontman I’d like to be or id aspire to be – like my dad but a little more rock and roll.”

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