Louder than Life festival brought a fiery combination of hard rock and metal sounds to Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend. Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Stone Sour, Ozzy Osbourne, the Pretty Reckless, Prophets of Rage and Incubus were just a few of the acts that brought electrifying sets to Champions Park.

From Les Pauls to Explorers, Gibson guitars were out in full force at the annual event. Here's a collection of photos featuring Gibson players at Louder than Life with quotes from past Gibson.com interviews.

Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch

Jason Hook by Anne Erickson

"Gibson is an iconic brand, and I think it’s synonymous with extreme quality," Hook says. "I think it’s well-known that Gibson insists on top quality. If anything doesn’t meet the standards, it’s put back in the wood chipper. I’m a bit of an instrument snob. I like driving the Rolls-Royce of guitars. That makes me feel good. I love the instrument. I have several not only Explorers but Les Pauls and acoustics. They just seem to be better instruments than the other stuff I’ve tried. I think it’s just a very well-made, high-quality level instrument, and those things matter to me."

Zach Blair and Tim McIlrath of Rise Against

Zach Blair by Anne Erickson

Tim McIlrath by Anne Erickson

"I’m a Les Paul and SG guy," says Blair. "My first real guitar was a SG, and I knew Pete Townshend used that guitar, so it was always cool to me. For a while, when I started playing in punk bands and I would be the only guitar player, I would only use SGs. Then, with Rise Against, I found the Les Paul was better for me as a tool, because it has a bigger sound and a fatter sound. For me, the Les Paul is the greatest rock and roll guitar of all time. If you’re not playing a Gibson guitar and you’re playing this kind of music, whether it’s punk, metal or anything grounded in rock and roll, you’re not really doing it right. I don’t think professionally I’d every play anything else. Gibson, thank you for making greatest guitars ever."

Ben Phillips of The Pretty Reckless

Ben Phillips by Anne Erickson

"They’re meticulously built," says Phillips of what makes Gibson guitars special. "I’m a huge traditionalist. The Les Paul is amazing, in particular, just because of its strange structure, that happened to define electric guitar. Gibsons have to be crafted. It's not just a neck or piece of wood. The artistry of the guitar is Gibson electric guitar. It’s really just a piece of art made out of wood. It’s a beautiful piece or art."

Photo credit: Anne Erickson