Metallica are the first metal band to have the honor of headlining Glastonbury Festival, but some protesters don’t want to see that happen. Animal rights activists upset with Metallica singer James Hetfield for signing on to narrate “The Hunt,” a History Channel show about hunters who travel to Alaska in search of the Kodiak brown bear, have launched a Facebook page to get Metallica off the bill.

Drummer Lars Ulrich couldn’t care less about the adversity. It comes with the territory.

“I don't know how serious I can take (the petition),” Ulrich told Metal Hammer. “I don't sit glued to the iPad following (everyone) who has an opinion about Metallica...I guess it's fun that you can still make some waves, without doing anything other than saying yes to an invitation to a festival. So, happy days!”

So far, the Facebook page is unsuccessful in its attempt to give Metallica the boot. The metal guys are still slated to headline the festival, which is set for June 26-28, in addition to Kasabian and Arcade Fire.