Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello inducted KISS into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on Thursday April 10 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The RATM guitarist told the crowd, “You can kiss my KISS-loving ass because KISS wasn’t a critics’ band. It’s the people’s band.”

Morello added: “Tonight proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the high school bullies and critics were wrong. KISS fans were right. Impact, influence and awesomeness — KISS have all three in spades.” He concluded by saying: “Tonight, this isn't the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It's the Rock And Roll All Nite And Party Every Day Hall Of Fame.”

The four members of the original KISS lineup took turns in addressing the crowd.

Gene Simmons took the lead. He said, “We are humbled — all of us — to stand up on this stage and do what we love doing. This is a profound moment for all of us.

"We are humbled that the fans gave us the chance to do what we love doing. And so I'm here just to say a few kind words about the four knuckleheads who, 40 years ago, got together and decided to put together the band that you see on stage… critics be damned.”

“To Ace Frehley - his iconic guitar playing has been imitated, but never duplicated, by generations of guitar players around the world.

“To Peter Criss, whose drumming and singing... Well, there's not a guy out there who beats the sticks who sounds just like Peter. Nobody's got that swing and that style.

“Something happened, 40 years ago: I met the partner and the brother I never knew I had — Paul Stanley. You couldn't ask for someone more awesome to be on the same team. I am humbled.”

Simmons also paid tribute to the late Eric Carr and Mark St. John, previous members of KISS, and Vinnie Vincent, then Bruce Kulick. He added, “Here we are, 40 years later, with the great Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, and we continue on. However, we wouldn't be here today without the initial Fantastic Four.”

KISS reunited to accept the award, but didn’t play together live. The 29th annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony will air on May 31 on HBO.