Kinks guitarist Dave Davies is working on a film documentary based on his life as a musician. The project, titled Dave Davies’ Rock N Roll Journey, is in its beginning stages.

“Me and [son] Martin [Davies] had been thinking about it for a while,” Davies tells “We did a film called Mystical Journey a few years ago … about my spiritual interests, and all my alternative ideas about the world and life. So, we thought we’d do a similar thing about rock ‘n’ roll, and the journey of being in a rock ‘n’ roll band on the road. We want to interview old colleagues, other celebrities and fans.”

Asked about the chances for a 2014 Kinks tour, Davies said he’s not optimistic, but he’s hopeful other Kinks projects will come to fruition. “I spoke to Ray [Davies] last week when he was in New York and we had a chat,” he said, “…I’ve written a few songs with that in mind. I’m sure Ray has some ideas, of course. So we’re going to meet up in the U.K. [in December]. I’m looking forward to that.”