Keith Richards

Keith Richards opened up on a wide range of topics in a just-published cover-story for Men’s Journal. The discussion included talk of his complicated relationship with Mick Jagger and his thoughts on turning 70 this December.

“A lot of these things are blown way out of whack,” Richards said, addressing ongoing speculation about tensions between him and the Stones frontman. “It’s like two very volatile brothers – when they clash, they really clash, but when it's over, it's over because we both know we need each other; we both enjoy working with each other. Ninety percent of the time it's as cool as can be, then, of course, the people only get to hear about the 10. And the 10 are pretty fierce.”

Asked about hitting the big “7-0,” Richards confessed he has no advice regarding longevity. “Everybody should try it if they can get there,” he said. “If I had a secret, I'd bottle it maybe. I just happen to be here. Just string it, and play it low.”

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