Dear Gibson,

This is Bill Turner & Blue Smoke in a live TV performance, using a rare matched set of low impedance Les Pauls: the Les Paul Professional guitar and an equally rare Les Paul bass, both circa 1969. I'm on the lead guitar and Eric "The K" Knutsen is on bass, with Tim Sullivan borrowing my old ES-335 for the rhythm guitar!

These Les Pauls are discontinued instruments, though they reappeared in the early 1970's as the "Recording Model" guitar and the "Triumph" bass; redesigned with smaller and lighter bodies which were more ergonomically contoured, internal impedance matching transformers (both of ours use transformers on their cables going into the amp), and the oversized Les Paul-shaped bodies weighing 13 pounds of solid mahoghany(!), finished in Gibson's famous “Sheraton brown,” a color dating all the way back to the early 20th century, used on Gibson's "A model" mandolins!

We still use these wonderful Les Paul instruments, which are noted and prized for their unique tonal varieties, which include in/out phasing for the pickups—a most unusual feature for 1969. We bought these guitars in 1980, and to this very day, they STILL impress and intrigue us with their beautiful, crystal clear sound and the unparalleled harmonic frequency these pickups deliver!

Enjoy this with our compliments!

Bill Turner & Blue Smoke