Queens of the Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age has a very unexpected collaboration on their new album ...Like Clockwork. The band teamed up with piano rock legend Elton John on the song "Fairweather Friends." In an interview with BBC 5 Live Homme talked about working with Elton:

"He's a workaholic. He's a music fan who's constantly searching for new music to get involved with. He's signing acts from YouTube, it's really intense. He's always playing 200 plus shows a year and he's an amazing piano player."

Speaking about the track "Fairweather Friends," Homme said: "He called me on the phone and it took me a minute to work out if I was being punked or not. He came in and we tracked a rock song live together, which was a wonderful experience. That is what collaboration is all about, learning something from someone else and about someone else and maybe reminding them of something they enjoy too. To experience that with Elton was wonderful. There are piano-based, mellower songs on our record but that's not really the point. It's about strange chemistry and doing what you're not supposed to do."

Queens Of The Stone Age are touring Europe during June and July, before heading Stateside for shows throughout August and September, starting with an appearance at the Lollapalooza Festival on August 2.