Scar the Martyr

Sure, Joey Jordison plays drums in Slipknot, but he also has a new band called Scar the Martyr that’s keeping him occupied in more ways than one. Jordison plays drums, bass and guitar on various tracks on Scar the Martyr’s self-titled debut, so the new venue is helping him stretch his musicality.

When it comes to guitars, Jordison told the I Heart Guitar Blog that he used his Gibson Black Beauty ‘79 Les Paul Custom and ‘82 Silverburst Custom on Scar the Martyr’s new album.

He says the Silverburst Custom is “almost my most treasured possession.”

As for how he got the guitar, “I was working at my old gas station – and I’ve never said this in an interview – I was working at a gas station and I’d always check the classified ads looking for musical instruments,” he said. “I saw one and it said ‘Gibson guitar. $300 or offer.’”

For that price, he thought it wouldn’t be much of a guitar, but he still had to check it out.

“So I went over to this lady’s house, and she’s an older lady, and she went down into the musty basement… pulled this guitar out… Opened it up, and it was a 1982 Les Paul Custom Silverburst,” he said. “She was asking three hundred dollars for it, so I gave her $250, because she didn’t know what she had.”

Scar the Martyr’s self-titled debut full-length album is in stores now.