Joe Lynn Turner

So much for that idea! After last week's report on that Joe Lynn Turner was considering forming a supergroup with Carmine Appice and Michael Anthony, Joe has clarified that his comments were taken slightly out of context and that there isn't necessarily a new supergroup on the horizon.

"The current rumor about Carmine Appice, Michael Anthony and myself is just that...a rumor!" he said in a message to "The actual facts were a 'misunderstanding' by all parties concerned and a post was made with no ill intention. If and when a formation of a band of this nature is confirmed I will inform the media ASAP! Thank you all for your support and understanding!"

The original source was an interview with Norway Rocks Magazine, which will be published in that mag's November 2012 edition. In the interview, Joe says he and Carmine had been approached by record label Frontiers about forming a supergroup, and that they'd "just got a call in to Michael Anthony from Van Halen to play bass." Turner also noted that there were a few guitar players being considered, including Doug Aldrich (who was too busy), but that they would still look around for a great guitarist with marquee value.

So there you have it: it sounds like there have been informal "wouldn't it be cool if…" discussions about a band of this nature, but nothing concrete.