Award winning songwriter/guitarist Jason Isbell is readying his sixth album, The Nashville Sound, for a June 2017 release. 

According to Isbell and his team, the new record will not be another solo project like his previous two, the breakout Southeastern and Grammy-winning Something More Than Free. Instead, it will feature Isbell's long-time band the 400 Unit and is being talked of as a “return to rock ’n’ roll” for the ex-Drive By Trucker.

Jason Isbell

In new interview with Rolling Stone Country at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on March 14, Isbell says: “If I could write rock ‘n’ roll songs on purpose, I’d do it all the time. But most of what I write comes out slow and sad, because that's most of what I listen to.

“It was sort of a happy accident,” Isbell continued. “I was just trying to make a record of where my life is and write the best songs I can, it just so happened that almost half of this record were songs that were uptempo and loud. That's what they wanted to be, so that's what I let them be. I never fight that.”

The title of The Nashville Sound could be something of a curveball – songs include “If We Were Vampires,” “Chaos and Clothes,” and “Molotov.” Dave Cobb is Isbell’s producer for the third album-running. “It's really easy to find the sounds I want with Dave, and we have a good time,” Isbell said. “Usually you get one or the other – you'll get a visionary producer who is a total asshole, or you'll get your buddy and you wind up doing all the production work yourself. Dave's a nice mix of both things."

Recorded over two weeks in January at Music Row's historic RCA Studio A, Isbell says he’s looking forward to playing some rowdier guitar again. “It's gonna be harder for people to fall asleep in their own tears, as they probably have done for my last couple of records," he joked.

The Nashville Sound tracklisting is:

“Last Of My Kind”

“Cumberland Gap”


“White Man’s World”

“If We Were Vampires”



“Chaos and Clothes”

“Hope The High Road”

“Something To Love”