British singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson has been making waves with his new album, Happy Accidents. Packed with earnestly rendered acoustic-based pop rock, the LP is the second record Lawson has released on Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man label. Asked recently about his go-to guitars, Lawson told Music Radar he’s become smitten with his newly purchased Gibson acoustic.

Gibson Hummingbird

“I’ve recently bought a Gibson Hummingbird, which I got in New York, and I’ve been playing that a fair bit,” said Lawson. “It has a very even tone to it, very balanced sound and seems to be one of those late night acoustics that you can play long into the early hours of the next morning. I have a feeling there’ll be a few songs in it that I can’t wait to discover. Lately I’ve been using the Gibson Hummingbird to write quite gentle, folky stuff, which is nice ….”

Dawson went on to say that Sheeran—who co-wrote “Can’t See Straight,” the first single from Happy Accidents—writes faster than anyone he’s ever worked with. “It seems to be all instinct,” said Dawson, “and more often than not it’s exactly what’s needed.”