Jack White, erstwhile guitarist of The Raconteurs and former White Stripe, has covered U2’s “Love is Blindness.” White tackles the song as part of a Q magazine CD of cover versions dedicated to U2’s Achtung Baby. U2’s own Achtung Baby will be re-released in early November in a super-deluxe edition.

White appeared with U2’s The Edge in the 2009 rockumentary It Might Get Loud, alongside Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page.

“Love is Blindness” was largely written on piano, by Bono, and intended for Nina Simone. But as Edge was going through a divorce during the making of Achtung Baby, it eventually made sense to include the impassioned song on U2’s own album. Edge broke a number of guitar strings playing the original, such was its intensity.

White’s version is no more calm. Hear it below.