British space-rock band Hawkwind has been around since 1969 and guitarist Dave Brock’s been there right from the start. Through the years, the British rock legends have released thirty studio albums and counted iconic musicians like Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister and Cream’s Ginger Baker as members.

In a recent interview with Music Radar, Brock spoke about those early days in London in the Sixties, when he and Eric Clapton used to hang out: “It would’ve been about ’63 or ’64. Quite early on. We used to sit around plonking away on guitars. We used to hang out in Richmond because it was a really nice place, and go down Eel Pie Island and meet up in L’Auberge coffee bar. Eric lived in Cobham in Surrey, which isn’t far from there. That’s where everybody used to hang out. We used to sit there and play guitar and swap around - each one of us would have a go.”


He also recounts his relationship with Ginger Baker (of Cream and Blind Faith fame) who played with Hawkwind in the Eighties: “Later on, Ginger Baker ended up playing with [Hawkwind], which was strange because when I used to go busking down Portobello Road - this was when he was in Cream - he had a flat just round the corner and after I finished busking I used to pop round for a cup of tea.”

Brock also details his current gear set-up, which includes a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique Artist painted by Marvel artist Tom Morgan and a 1997 Gibson Nighthawk Standard.

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