Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa have released a powerful live performance, Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa — Live in Amsterdam, which features material from the duo's Don't Explain and Seesaw albums.

Beth Hart & Joe BonamassaA free single from the album is available here.

"We're doing these amazing cover songs and in doing them, and what's so great about doing them, is that it shows part of what excited us and made us want to become artists when we were young and just starting out, " said Hart. "You can see that a lot of this was an influence with me, and Joe, and the other musicians, you can hear it in the way everyone plays and performs. This was music that they loved, that touched them. And when you do covers, you get to make them personal. That was part of the goal — to make it like it's your story, too. Otherwise, how does it come across sincere? I think that's one of the challenges and it's very fulfilling if we feel like we're doing that. "

Bonamassa adds: "What we're trying to capture is an era of reaction and spontaneity — something what was a great inspiration for me as a budding musician. It's a bygone era in lieu of modern times and digital studio manipulation. We wanted to do the exact opposite of that for this live concert. There were no nets and what you hear is what was sung and played that night."