Elvis Costello

Uplifting, joyful music can lead to greater flexibility of thought and stave off creative ruts, new research shows. As reported by The Guardian, two professors tested the impact of music by giving 155 young people puzzles to solve while working either in silence, or while listening to classical pieces ranked as either calm, happy, anxious or sad. Results showed that “more and better ideas” came from subjects who were treated to uplifting music.

The authors of the study speculate that happy music boosts creativity by enabling people to think with greater flexibility. “When getting stuck in a rut, it can be helpful, instead of digging deeper, to dig elsewhere,” they note.

The researchers were quick to add that the positive effects of joyful music “can easily be integrated into daily life,” as well as into “scientific, educational and organizational settings {where] creative thinking is needed.” To read more, click here.