Tony Iommi recently made a startling revelation, telling the Musicians Institute that rapper Eminem made a strong pitch to contribute to the veteran guitarist’s first solo album. As reported by Loudwire, Eminem was on the verge of breakout success when he contacted Iommi nearly two decades ago. Unfamiliar with the rapper’s work, however, the Black Sabbath guitarist declined the request and the collaboration never came to fruition.

Tony Iommi by Carsten Windhorst

Longtime Iommi fans are probably less surprised than others about Eminem’s “near miss.” Released in 200, the Iommi album featured a slew of musical guests – including Henry Rollins, Billy Corgan, Brian May, Serj Tankian, and Dave Grohl, among others. Grohl, in fact, was originally slated to contribute vocals for the track, “Goodbye Lament,” but the Foo Fighters frontman made a plea to play drums on the song as well. Iommi told Grohl that Matt Cameron was the album’s drummer, but in the end he allowed Grohl to sit behind the kit for that one track.

Photo: Carsten Windhorst