The U.K.’s respected Guitarist magazine has been testing and videoing Gibson’s Min-ETune™ system. And they like it a lot.

Guitarist writes: “The Min-ETune system is the latest take on mechanical self-tuning for electric and acoustic guitars. The headstock-mounted gears are the next generation of the company’s ‘Robot’ technology, and appear on the new Tribute Les Paul and SG models.

“The whole Min-ETune system – tuners included – sits on a thin black rectangular plate that covers most of the rear of the peghead. The 'brain' is the centre section and sits between the tuners. It adds a little extra weight but not enough to unbalance the instrument. In fact our reviewers agree that it's negligible; the tuners themselves are very light, and manufacturers Tronical state that the total weight impact is roughly equivalent to a set of Grovers.”

Watch the Guitarist demo here, which shows what Min-ETune™ can do.

Min-ETune™ can do a whole lot more than even Guitarist shows here. They acknowledge that “12 altered tunings – including DADGAD, open D and open G – are roughly 30 seconds away via the unit's four-way cursor, and you can also create your own recallable custom tunings.”

Guitarist, an independent publication, concludes: "the Min-ETune is proving to be a big step forward for automatic guitar tuning.”

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