Les Pauls in Firebird Finishes

Gibson Custom recently announced the release of a new range of Limited Edition Gibson Custom Les Paul Specials, kitted out in vibrant colors inspired by Gibson’s iconic Firebird guitars. The big draw: custom colors and matching headstocks, a first-ever for the legendary Gibson Les Paul.

As the British online music instrument website Music Radar put it, “A Les Paul with a matching headstock is a very rare thing indeed (the last matching-’stock model we can remember being the Billy Morrison LP), but rarer still when it’s in five classic Firebird finishes: Inverness Green, Cardinal Red, Frost Blue, Kerry Green and Pelham Blue.”

The colors are inspired by the finishes that were developed in the Sixties for Gibson’s Firebird range and the matching headstocks are “a bold statement on a familiar platform”. In addition to the groovy throwback color scheme, these Les Pauls come with Custom P-90 Soapbar pickups, solid mahogany bodies and rosewood fingerboards. 

Go here for the complete specs.