Spanish Festival

Gibson has come up with a unique way to participate in this year’s PortAmérica Festival, an innovative “gastro-music” festival staged each year in Galicia, Spain.

This year’s event includes a Co-Cooking and Rock Show program that aims to focus on the Galician haute cuisine. Accordingly, twelve internationally renowned chefs have put together dishes inspired by twelve classic Gibson guitar models.

The dishes include the “Les Paul Custom,” a Galician lobster salad with citrus; the “ES-335,” a squid and bacon sandwich; and the “SJ-200,” which consists of Galician white tuna with tomato and cashew.

A Gibson recipe will be published each month, beginning in September. In addition, the twelve chefs have autographed a beautiful Gibson USA electric guitar, to be awarded to one lucky fan. To earn a chance of winning, fans must submit an answer to the question, “How Gibson Tastes?” through one of several Gibson Spain and PortAmérica media channels.