Gibson CES and Christopher Lloyd in Delorean

Actor Christopher Lloyd arrived at CES 2014 in his iconic time-traveling vehicle from Back to the Future, the DeLorean, as part of a celebration of the 120th year of Gibson guitars.

Lloyd arrived in character as Doctor Emmett Brown from the classic movie – yet despite his time-travelling car, he was 15 minutes late! The car he pulled up in was an authentic re-creation of the vehicle from the movie, complete with flux capacitor and eco-friendly “Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor.” As he emerged, ‘Doc Brown’ was surrounded by puffs of smoke as cameras clicked away.

Lloyd posed for photos with a red Gibson ES-semi – just like Marty McFly in the movie - before holding court on the Gibson main stage to celebrate the many different instruments the company has produced over its 120 years.

The DeLorean will remain outside the Gibson tent for the remainder of CES.