Gibson Brands Tokyo Showroom

The leading global sound and music company this week launched its first pioneering music lifestyle concept showroom in Tokyo, showcasing the premium sound and music quality of its three leading brands: Gibson Guitars, TEAC and Onkyo.

The Showroom provides customers with the opportunity to play, record and listen to their own music with the latest high performance products in its state of the art facilities in Yaesu. The first of its kind, the Showroom, which is open to the public and provides a unique environment where music lovers of all levels, from professional musicians to beginners, can immerse themselves in the world of music.

Gibson Brands Tokyo Showroom

The launch of the new concept Showroom marks a significant milestone in Gibson Brands history. A global first, the Showroom demonstrates Gibson Brands continued its commitment to improving product innovation, quality and customer experience. It also happens in conjunction of Gibson’s 120th anniversary.

“Gibson Brands are about bringing the joy of sound and music to music lovers across the world,” Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Brands said in a statement. “The collaboration between our three leading brands Gibson, Onkyo and TEAC, our new concept Showroom realizes our shared vision to improving the quality of life of our customers through music. It is fitting that we launch our first Sound and Music Concept Showroom in Tokyo where the collaboration began and will be rolled out to other markets across the World. ”

Yuji Hanabusa CEO and President of TEAC Corporation added, “The new concept Showroom is a great opportunity for TEAC to broaden its customer base by providing everyday music lovers as well as music professionals the opportunity to experience and access our products. “

Munenori Otsuki, President, CEO, Onkyo Corporation said, “Onkyo is delighted to be part of this prestigious group of premium sound and music brands and is looking forward to seeing the collaboration continue to flourish as we extend this exciting new concept to other markets”.