Gibson Brands have a huge booth at NAMM, in Anaheim, CA, for the currently running trade show. Here, dealers, artists and media can see the Gibson 2014 New Model Year guitars up-close. There’s plenty to talk about.

Plenty of Gibsons are causing a stir: here’s the just-unveiled Skunk Baxter Firebird (below). This features a traditional mahogany body and through-neck construction that has been part of the heritage of the iconic Firebird for decades. It has three mini-humbuckers with a pickup switching system designed by Baxter himself, allowing for any pickup combination on top of a coil tap system. You also get a classic chrome Lyre tail piece and cutting edge Steinberger tuners.

Gibson 2014 NAMM

This stunning blue 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional “is an early front-runner for Day 1 Fan Favorite,” says @GibsonGuitar Twitter. What do you think?

Gibson 2014 NAMM

Rising Liverpool band The Peace Pirates put on a great show at the Gibson booth at NAMM on Jan 23. Look out for them in 2014.

Gibson 2014 NAMM

The always entertaining Billy Morrison loved Gibson’s Beatles-themed party to launch NAMM.

Gibson 2014 NAMM Billy Morrison

At Gibson’s Beverly Hills Showroom, Kris Kristofferson (backed by Earl Slick) played a set including The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.” Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson also played. Wow.

Gibson 2014 NAMM Kris Kristofferson

Gibson 2014 NAMM Brian Wilson

There’s much more to come from Gibson at NAMM, through to Sunday 26.

Gibson at The Grammys

Just as NAMM ends, it’s off to downtown L.A. for The Grammys. Epiphone artist Gary Clark Jr and Gibson signature artist Dave Grohl will be playing live. At Gibson Brands’ Grammy lounge there have already been unique events. Jackson Harris has already popped in for an interview and a live set, and Orianthi called by too to get her hands on a Gibson acoustic.

Gibson 2014 NAMM Jackson Harris

Gibson 2014 NAMM Orianthi

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