The new-for-2017 Gibson Alex Lifeson ES-Les Paul has received a rave review over at The latest signature model for the Rush guitar legend is limited to 200 pieces, but respected reviewer Dave Burrluck recommends it as “unique.”

In particular, he points to the great guitars coming out of Gibson Memphis right now, that are both high-tech but look and feel vintage as well. He writes, “the Memphis division output has never failed to impress us with an eye firmly on the past. Yet this guitar is not just about replicating the past: along with new design, Memphis is surprisingly cutting-edge, too, employing ‘thermally engineered’ woods - aka torrefication, a process for ‘ageing’ woods and a growing trend for both acoustic and electric makers.”

Alex Lifeson

He adds, of the Lifeson ES-Paul, “It’s not meant to fool anyone into thinking this is a real old guitar, but it certainly doesn’t look like those box-fresh ‘don’t touch me’ high-gloss pieces, either. The Lifeson does have a standard gloss with shiny gold-plated parts, but still looks slightly old with a creamy hue (we suspect it will yellow more with time and use).”

In summary, he praises the “Very hollow-sounding semi in compact package” and finds that it “Handles volume better than ES-330.” MusicRadar’s conclusion? “A signature model full of character at an appealing price.” It rates 4.5 out of 5 stars.