Franz Ferdinand

The Scottish Mercury Prize-winners are currently in the early stages of their North American tour. Before they travelled to the US, the ‘Take Me Out’ rock act posted an image on their social media showing the band’s line-up with the addition of two new members. Guitarist Dino Bardot and keyboard player/guitarist Julian Corrie will replace founding member Nick McCarthy who parted ways with the group last summer.

Bardot previously played with indie-rock trio 1990, while Corrie released electronic music under the moniker Miaoux Miaoux. Franz Ferdinand last released an album four years ago, 2013’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. They also released the single ‘Demagogue’ last October as part of the political compilation 30 Days, 30 Songs, which also featured contributions from Death Cab For Cutie, R.E.M., Moby, Killer Mike and more.

Franz Ferdinand tour North America till mid-June, followed by a European tour from July through September 2017.