Jason Hook

Five Finger Death Punch’s Jason Hook is getting ready to co-headline the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with Rob Zombie this summer, and if you catch the guitarist on the trek, you’ll spot his new, signature Gibson M4-Sherman in hand.

Hook and Gibson launched the guitar earlier this year, and he says having his own Gibson was nothing less than a dream come true.

“It’s always been a dream. I always thought that I’d love to have my own Explorer,” Hook told Gibson.com. “I was very patient. Every other guitar manufacturer tried to approach me, and I said, ‘You know, but I play this guitar. It’s my favorite guitar. I don’t want you to make me something like it. I just want to play it.’”

He added, “So, eventually, I lucked out where I met the right people at Gibson who said, ‘I think we can make this happen for you.’ I met Henry (Juszkiewicz). They said, ‘We’ll make it exactly how you want it. No limitations.’”

Check back next week for Gibson.com’s full interview with Hook! For more on the 2013 Mayhem Festival, go here.