Vassilios Metropoulos

Vassilios Metropoulos , better known as “V”, is the bass player with Alternative Rock outfit Otherwise. Based in Las Vegas, Otherwise have spent the past couple of years on tour with the likes of Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Sevendust and Shinedown.

V takes his music seriously. “Music is not something I take lightly and it is important to be able to achieve the sound necessary for the project I’m working on,” he said. “When I get on stage and start to play, the raw energy and creative current I feel changes me into explosive split personalities as a performer and musician. I want everyone watching to feel something dynamic and different while I express myself through my instrument.”

And the EB 5 Bass is an instrument for the serious player. V says: “The EB 5 helps me do just that. Having the versatility that the new EB 5 bass brings is crucial. With its unique design, its playability and comfort suits me just right. Its reliability and strength is something I look for in my instruments. It is light yet strong. It has a neck-through finish, full contact bridge, and push-pull abilities, allowing for versatility and great tone. It has a look unlike any other and it is something I am very proud to play. I truly believe it is one of the most useable and versatile basses around.”

Photo: Peter Lizano